Templates are designed to help people answer specific questions faster. Each mySidewalk Template contains a combination of datasets, charts, and a map that, when applied to your city or project boundary, can provide deep insight, help answer everyday community questions, and cut out the legwork of data analysis. The 165+ Templates we’ve created are research-based, rooted in the questions our customers face regularly, and housed in our Template Library.

How to Use Templates

  1. From the top drop-down Menu, click Templates
  2. This will bring up a list of the relevant templates based on your Category and Location preferences
  3. Note that mySidewalk templates can be applied to custom geographies 
  4. Search for a keyword, choose a category, or browse through the Template Library. When you find a template you would like to use, click on the title 

Template Detail
gives you a quick summary of what issue the template is targeting. Following the template description, you'll find a small, interactive map with the template applied to your selected location. Feel free to explore this map, or look at the Chart(s) below the map.

Sharing your Template Detail

Sharing these pre-made, research-based templates with others is easier than ever:

  1. Click Print to the right of Template Detail to print the template or save as a PDF
  2. Click CSV to the right of Print to export the raw data as a CSV

If you want to apply a mySidewalk Template to an interactive map:

  1. From the Template Detail page, click the green New Map button at the top right hand of your screen
  2. Feel free to explore the map, add additional charts, annotations, or upload your own data
  3. Click Save, and use this template in the future to recreate analyses and save time
  4. The map can be found under "Recent Items" under the top drop-down Menu 

If you want to make your own customized template that you can use in the future to recreate analyses in different locations, you can! Please read Create a Custom Template to find out how. 

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