With several components to any given project, including various maps and maybe even a public profile or two, it is helpful to be able to organize it all in one place. You can keep everything together using Project Folders, where you can save private maps, shared maps, and public profiles that all pertain to a specific project. 

Project Folder Interface

  1. This is your project folder name and description. It might be helpful to name your folder the title of the project you are currently working on, and add all the components to this folder to keep them all in one place. 
  2. This is your Maps tab, which is open in the image. Click on this tab whenever you want to access the maps that are specific to this project. When you open it the first time, you have the opportunity to create new maps directly from inside the Project Folder.
  3. This is your Public Profiles tab, which looks almost identical to the Maps tab. Click on this tab whenever you want to access the Public Profiles that are specific to this project - note that the only way to add a Public Profile to a Project Folder is to create the Public Profile from within the folder. 
  4. This is your maps filter/drop-down menu. Here, you can view your private, shared, or all maps
  5. Here you will see the lists of your maps or public profiles, which you can then click to open. 
  6. This drop-down menu allows you to sort your maps by map name, date created, or date modified
  7. This is the Create New... button, which appears in several places throughout the platform. Click here for options to create a new Project Folder, Map, Profile, Template, or to upload a new layer
  8. This button allows you to edit or delete your project folder. 

Now that you understand the layout and purpose of Project Folders, it's time to create one! 

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