Ready to start adding information and customizing your Public Profile?

The different types of content you can add to your profile are: posts, polls, initiatives, and documents that enrich your profile and provide important information to others visiting your profile. See below for more information and how to add these types of content to your profile. 

Creating a Post/Poll

Posts can be announcements, events, polls, or open ended questions (for ideas, download our question library). 

  1. Ensure that you are in the Posts tab on the left side of your public profile's page. 
  2. Begin typing your post in the Create a post text box. Using the Camera icon on the right, add an image (max size of 10MB) to help provide visual identity to your community or project area. You can also add additional supporting details, like description information or links (2,000 character limit). 
  3. (Optional) Make your post a poll by checking Make This A Poll box. You can create the choices that participants can select, as well as limit how many choices a user can select. To include an optional answer for a participant to fill in their response, click Add Open Ended Field
  4. Tag locations (up to three) so mySidewalk users in target areas will see the content you are posting. 
  5. Tag topics (up to three) that relate to your post, so that your post will be visible to others interested in these topics. 
  6. Select whether you would like to Publish or Save as Draft. If you save the post as a draft, you will be able to come back to the post (click on the Drafts tab on the left side) at a later time to make edits or to publish. 

Edit, Unpublish, or Delete a Post

  1. Find the post you would like to edit within your Posts tab. To the right of your desired post, click the "..." button to select whether you would like to edit, unpublish, or delete the post.
  2. If you unpublish a post, the post will be moved into the Drafts tab and will prohibit participants from posting comments. 
  3. If you delete a post, the post will be removed completely from the network and any data collected on the question will no longer be available. Be sure to export responses before deleting a post, if you don't want to lose the responses. 

Deleting Responses to Your Post

As an Editor, if you feel that a participant's response to a question it inappropriate or offensive, you can remove it from your page. Participants are not notified that their comments are removed. 

Note: Please keep in mind that mySidewalk is meant to facilitate a transparent conversation between city leaders and their communities. Allowing community residents to openly share their thoughts, opinions, and feedback about an upcoming initiative will convey a sense of contribution to all those who participate. 

  1. Locate the participants comment on your public profile.
  2. Click the "trash" icon, then confirm the removal of the comment.

Exporting Responses to Your Post

Note: As an Editor, you can export the responses you receive from an open ended post (not available for polls at this time).

  1. Find the post you would like to export responses for. Click the "..." button to the right of the post title, and click Export Options
  2. From Export Options, you can select to Print, Download Post CSV or Download Responses CSV. If you want to include the images provided with the responses, click "On" for the images (provided as a link). 
  3. Download Post CSV: this will include the post, the profile it was posted to, the number of likes, the number of responses, who posted it, the date it was posted and the date it was modified/edited. 
  4. Download Responses CSV: this will include a row for each response, the number of likes for each response, who posted the response, the date it was posted and the date it was modified/edited. 

Adding Documents

Add documents like draft proposals, design concepts, and maps to profiles for more informed discussions.

  1. Click Add a document under the Documents tab in the right side menu
  2. Upload a document (max file size 10MB) from your computer by clicking Choose File, or link to a document hosted elsewhere by clicking Add Document Link. 

Editing/Deleting Documents

  1. Click View all documents under the Documents tab on the right side menu
  2. To the right of the document you would like to edit, click the "..." button
  3. Rename the document by clicking Change Name, or delete the document by clicking Delete Document 

Once you have created your public profile and have added posts and documents, you may want to create an initiative to categorize specific posts, or share your profile and/or share specific posts so that you can start gathering feedback. 

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