You can create a public profile in two ways - on it's own, or as part of a Project Folder.

Option 1: Create a Public Profile on it's own

  1. Click Public Profiles from the drop-down menu at the top left corner
  2. Click on the New Public Profile button on the upper-right side of the page
  3. Give your public profile a name and description, then Create Public Profile
  4. Find your profile at the top, then click View Profile 

Option 2: Create a Public Profile as part of a Project Folder (Note: The only way to add a Public Profile to a Project Folder is to create the profile from within the folder)

  1. Create a new Project Folder
  2. Click on the Public Profiles tab on the left side menu - if there are no Public Profiles already saved, you can simply click New Public Profile
  3. If there are Public Profiles saved in your Project Folder, you can click the New button and select Public Profile
  4. Give your public profile a name and description. Click Create Public Profile

To update your profile, settings, and update your preferences, please see User Preferences 

Now that your public profile is created, you may want to check out:

  1. Create an initiative:  Initiatives allow you to categorize specific posts and questions so that residents can easily explore and engage with projects and topics that matter to them 
  2. Add posts, polls, and documents: Add posts, polls, and documents to your profile to spark discussions and encourage communication within your community
  3. Invite editors and participants: Invite editors to help create posts or questions on your profile, and invite participants to respond to your posts and engage with your profile
  4. Share your profile: Easily share your public profile to start gathering feedback from team members and community members
  5. Share a specific post:  Share a single post to start gathering feedback 
  6. See the impact of your public profile: Measure how many participants are viewing and interacting with your profile and posts 
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