Initiatives allow you to categorize specific posts and questions so that residents can easily explore and engage with the projects and topics that matter the most to them. 

Initiatives can represent either specific civic departments (e.g. perhaps your Parks and Recreation department is requesting feedback on a new dog park proposal); or individuals projects (e.g. maybe you are preparing 2040 Comprehensive Plan and would like residents to weigh in on thoughts for the future). They also serve as an opportunity for consultants you partner with to manage topics and feedback on specific projects. 

Please note that initiatives are connected to the original public profile. Initiatives can have their own unique Editors. You can easily invite them from the Initiatives profile page, in the same way that you would invite editors for the original public profile. If you are an Editor of the public profile, you are by default an Editor on all Initiatives within the public profile. 

  1. Click on the Initiatives tab on the right side of your Public Profile page, then click Create an Initiative. 
  2. Give your Initiative a name and description. Feel free to add a profile image and cover image to personalize your initiative for participants, as well as adding a phone number and external URL. Click Create Initiative 
  3. Now you will be able to post questions and announcements specific to the initiative. These will display on the Initiative's profile page, as well as to people who live in the area you tagged in your posts

Now that you've created an Initiative for your public profile, you may want to check out:

  1. Add posts, polls, and documents: Add posts, polls, and documents to your profile to spark discussions and encourage communication within your community
  2. Invite editors and participants: Invite editors to help create posts or questions on your profile, and invite participants to respond to your posts and engage with your profile
  3. Share your profile: Easily share your public profile to start gathering feedback from team members and community members
  4. Share a specific post:  Share a single post to start gathering feedback 
  5. See the impact of your public profile: Measure how many participants are viewing and interacting with your profile and posts 
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