1. Can others publish posts on my public profile? 
  • No. Only other users with "Editor" permissions can post questions on your page. 

2. How do people find my public profile? 

  • Create a custom domain. Using either a subdomain of mySidewalk (projectname.mysidewalk.com) or a purchased domain (projectname.com) will help participants get to your profile. Include this domain in any printed collateral or on external websites or social media outlets. (Example: brandsmithville.com)
  • Participants on mySidewalk can use the Search feature at the top of their home page to look up your community or project name.
  • Start creating posts! Published posts will appear on your profile and also on the homepage of participants in your area. Participants can navigate to your profile from these questions as well.

3. Are interactions and views unique? 

  • No. The number of views are not unique people viewing; a single person can have more than one view that is tracked if they view the post more than once. Views are similar to ad impressions - every time the content is loaded onto the application (on the app, a distributed profile, or an embeded piece of content), a "view" is tracked. 
  • Interactions are not unique people interacting with your profile or post. The interactions number is a measure of total user actions (likes, responses, etc.) not the total number of people that have interacted. 

4. Can I delete responses on my post? 

  • Yes. As an Editor, if you feel that a participants response to a question is inappropriate or offensive, you can remove it from your page. To the right of the participants response, click the "trash" icon to remove the comment. 
  • Participants are not notified that their comment was removed. 
  • Note: Please keep in mind that mySidewalk is meant to facilitate a transparent conversation between city leaders and their communities. Allowing community residents to openly share their thoughts, opinions and feedback about an upcoming initiative will convey a sense of contribution to all those who participate. 

5. What is the purpose of the #hashtags under my post? 

  • These hashtags are created to help internal tagging, for other participants in your area to be able to filter posts according to the tagged keyword. As an example, if you tagged "education," other participants on mySidewalk in your area could search "education," and your post would appear. 

6. How do I find out where mySidewalk participants are in my area? 

  • While participants are not required to give an exact address when they sign up for mySidewalk, their location is established by their provided city/state location. 
  • To see a map of where mySidewalk participants are located in the country, enter into the mapping mode and turn on the layer "mySidewalk Participants" within the Layers tab. 

Have a question that isn't answered here or in other articles on the Help Desk? Feel free to send a message to the mySidewalk team using the Chat feature! 

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