Reviewing responses to your post and seeing how your public profile's impact is simple. 

The Impact of Your Public Profile

The Impact tab on the right hand side of your public profile will allow you to measure how many participants are viewing and interacting with your profile and posts. Within this tab, you can view responses to your posts, see the number of people who have liked your profile, how many people have redeemed invitations you have sent. See below for more information on the Posts, Likes, and Invitations tabs within the Impact tab.

Posts Tab - Activity Summary

Under the posts tab within the Impact section, you will see an "Activity Summary" section that outlines Views, Responses, Likes, and Interactions.

  • Views: Represents the number of times your posts have been viewed by individuals visiting mySidewalk. It includes views from your organization's specific profile or when your posts are viewed on an individual's home page feed. Please note that the number of views are not unique visitors; a single person can have more than one view that is tracked if they view the post more than once. 
  • Responses: Shows the total number of responses you've received across all of your posts. 
  • Likes: Shows the total number of likes that your posts have received. This is separate from the amount of Likes your profile has received. 
  • Interactions: Includes the total number of responses, and the total number of likes you have across your posts and profile. Please note that we do not calculate the unique number of users that have interacted with your posts; this number is a measure of total user actions, not the total number of people that have interacted. 

Review Responses to Your Post

Review responses you receive from your community members from open ended questions, polls, and announcements you've created. 

  1. In the Impact tab on your Public Profile, ensure you are in the Posts tab at the top
  2. For each post you've created, you can view the results by clicking on the Respond box under the post's title. There will be a number by this box, indicating how many responses that post got. 
  3. For polls, you can see the total number of people who voted and liked the poll, as well as the number of votes for each option. If you hover your mouse over the number, it will give you the percentage of people who selected that option. 
  4. For open-ended posts, you can see the total number of responses and likes. To see the names of the people that liked your post, click on the total number of likes. If you have many responses on a question, click Load more responses to see the rest of the responses. You can also export responses to open-ended posts. 

Likes Tab

Within the Likes tab in your Impact section, you can see all of the individuals that have liked your profile.

Invitations Tab

Within the Invitations tab in your Impact section, you can see the total number of Invitations you've sent out, and how many people have accepted those invitations. There is also a button at the bottom to Invite More Participants

Now that you know how to measure the impact of your public profile, you may want to learn how to share your profile and share specific posts to increase the traffic to your profile and drive further conversation about topics that matter to you. 

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