Public profiles are a space where you can gather public feedback surrounding a project. With Public Profiles, you can customize how your project is presented to the public, create initiatives, get feedback, and share important information. 

  1. This bar contains buttons that will take you (from left to right) to the home page, the notifications for your Public Profile, a page where you can invite participants to your site, and a search bar where you can search other organizations and initiatives
  2. This is your profile image, cover image, and profile name. You can upload an image to use as your profile image and your cover image. 
  3. This side bar contains several useful tabs. The Posts tab will show you all of the posts for your profile. The Drafts tab will take you to all of your drafts. The About tab will show you your current profile description, and give you the option to embed your profile or posts on another website. The Initiatives tab will give you an overview of the Initiatives, or specifically categorized posts and questions, created by your profile. The People tab allows you to invite other editors to the profile. The Impact tab shows the impact that your profile is having. Lastly, the Documents tab gives you the option to upload a document into your profile. 
  4. This portion of your Public Profile is where your posts will display to the people viewing your profile.
  5. These icons allow you to make changes to your profile. The camera image and the settings button will take you to the settings page, where you can upload new images and make changes to your profile. The icon with the image of a person and a plus sign will allow you to invite new editors and participants to your profile. 

Switching mySidewalk Profiles

As an Editor of a public profile, you have the ability to respond to people on mySidewalk on behalf of any organization to which you have Editor access. The profile you are acting on behalf of is designated in the top right corner.

  1. To switch the profile you are responding on behalf of, go to the to drop down menu at the top and select which profile you want to switch to
  2. You can either View Profile, or you can click the person icon with turning arrows under "Act as" 
  3. If you View Profile, click the person icon with turning arrows to the right of the Profile's name to act on behalf of that profile 
  4. You will be notified that you are switching the profile you are responding on behalf of. 

Now that you understand public profiles, it's time to create a public profile!  

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