As a participant, discovering local conversations allows you to give feedback and engage with issues that are meaningful to you. Sidewalks also allows you to filter conversations that matter to you.

Discovering Local Conversations

  1. To set your sidewalk: Click on the mySidewalk tab located in the banner at the top of your page. You will be navigated to the homepage.
  2. In the left sidebar, click Find Another Sidewalk.
  3. Enter an address, city, or zip code you want to explore.
  4. Select your preferred location from the drop down list of options. Then click Go! 
  5. You will automatically be redirected to the homepage, where the list of questions and organizations will now reflect the new location.

Find Conversation By Topic

You can find conversations on mySidewalk based on categories that interest you, such as Education, Environment, Sustainability, etc. 

  1. Navigate to the homepage by clicking on the mySidewalk tab located in the banner at the top of your page. 
  2. On the homepage, click Filter Topics
  3. Uncheck the interest categories you are not interested in receiving content around.
  4. When you're finished updating your topic filter, select the "X" in the top corner to navigate back to the homepage and start engaging with other local residents. 

Once you've found conversations and posts that matter to you, it's time to start engaging with them by responding to posts and voting in polls. 

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