The best way to get involved on mySidewalk is by... participating in conversations! Post a comment or vote in a poll. Local governments, school districts, architecture & planning firms all over the country are looking for your feedback.

Search for specific organizations or people

  1. If you know what organization you would like to respond to, click the Search icon in the top banner
  2. Type in the organization, location, people, or post you are looking for
  3. Find the desired item in the drop down list

Responding to a post

  1. View content in your are by navigating to your homepage. Click mySidewalks in the top right hand banner
  2. Type in the location you wish to see content about, such as the city you live in
  3. The content will be filtered based on the location you entered. Respond to a post by commenting, voting in a poll, liking the post, or sharing the post. 
  4. To view more posts by a specific organization or initiative, click on the Organization's Name in the green at the top of their post. This will take you to the Initiative or Organization's public profile. There, you can view and respond to additional posts 

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