Once you have your Public Profile created and are ready to gather feedback from participants, you will want to share your profile by distributing the link, sharing it on social media, and/or embedding your profile on another webpage. 

In your public profile, click Share under the name of your profile. In the Share window that appears, there will be a few options for Sharing that you can choose from

Option 1: Share your profile to social media

  1. If you would like to share to social media, select the icon for whichever social media channel you'd like to share your post to. Options include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email, and LinkedIn

Option 2: Distributing the link

  1. If you would like to simply share the link to your profile, copy the hyperlink below the social media icons, and share it by distributing to whomever you would like to access the profile. 

Option 3: Embed your profile on another webpage

An embeddable is a way to leverage your website(s) as a tool to help drive traffic, reaching as many community members as possible. There are two options for your embeddable: 

  1. In the Share window, click on "Generate Embed Code"
  2. An iFrame code will be generated, which you can place into the HTML of your website. If you do not have access to the HTML of your website, copy and paste this code into an email to your Webmaster or IT department with instructions on where you would like it placed on your website. A preview of the embedded profile will display for your reference. 

Now that you know how to share your profile, you may want to check out:

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  3. Invite editors and participants: Invite editors to help create posts or questions on your profile, and invite participants to respond to your posts and engage with your profile

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