The idea of open data has transformed the way local governments view data, but the reality of it has not always lived up to the ideal of better information and transparency. Finding useful datasets and leveraging them to make decisions or impact public knowledge has been challenging.

With a new update to our platform, we are striving to help governments better live up to the dream of Open Data. Our tool allows you to curate the data most important to your community and display it in a visually compelling way. Now you have the ability for your public to easily download that set of data in its raw form or as an image that they can manipulate and utilize.

This empowers you to guide residents and journalists to the data driving your decision-making and gives them the access and transparency to have an intelligent conversation with you and share it with the world. Instead of staring at open data and struggling to find useful insights, we provide you with insights then give you the tools to take the data into your own projects.  

How to transform your report or dashboard into an Open Data asset:

1. Under the Share tab, select the checkbox for Allow Public Export. This enables viewers of a published report or dashboard to download the data.

2. Under the Publish Settings drop down choice, select Published - Public or Published - Private to share your report with others.

3. Once the dashboard is published, viewers can select the light gray Histogram Icon in the upper right-hand corner of any visualization.

4. The viewer can then select from three options to download the data:

       Export as CSV - downloads a .csv file of the data used to power the visualization.         This file can be opened and read in any spreadsheet software, such as Excel or             Google Sheets.  

       Export as SVG - downloads an image in SVG format

       Export as PNG - downloads an image in PNG format. 

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