We've already loaded thousands of datasets in the mySidewalk app that you can access beginning on day one. 

The mySidewalk data library includes:

  • Over 2,000 datasets from over 40 different national data sources
  • 16 different geography levels 
  • Data showing current numbers, historic data, and future projections
  • Over 1.1 Billion individual data values!
  • Data sources such as the US Census, Civil Rights Data Collection, EPA Environmental Justice and Walkability, Housing and Urban Development, Department of Transportation Location Affordability Index, CDC, select Bureau of Labor Statistics, and lots more!

    You can explore our Data Library here.

mySidewalk also allows users the option to upload their own layers. Need to fit data to a custom boundary in your city? No problem, you can draw that layer in the app. If you want to add local data specific to your community, you can drop a Shapefile in or have our team help you turn a spreadsheet into data you can visualize. 

If you have the data we can almost always find a way to add it to your dashboard or report!

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