A power statement is a sentence that provides a key insight to the story of your community. A dashboard has analysis throughout its pages and in each of the paragraphs of text accompanying a dataset. Not every insight is a power statement and not every insight deserves to become a power statement. Power statements are the most important take-away from a set of data. To write a power statement you start with data, and then analyze trends and important ideas to take the most important thing you learn and make a statement from it. 

You don’t want the most obvious trend to be your power statement. You want to make an observation that is consequential to your story. A power statement should encourage readers to look further and read the rest of the insight or look at the data for themselves. It shouldn’t leave readers skeptical or asking themselves “so what?” 

If possible, a power statement should evoke an emotional response or provide a call to action. A good power statement provides a strong, clear message. A power statement tells THE story of your data. 

The power statements you establish become the skeleton of your community’s story. You should be able to look through your power statements one by one and understand what your dashboard is trying to communicate. Your power statements create the outline of your most important findings.  

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