Here we are - April. Spring is in the air, even if we can’t quite spring around with it. Life has been full of updates, changes, and reflection. At mySidewalk, we’ve been thinking a lot about care. How can we care for our customers, our communities, our colleagues...ourselves

Our office has been working from home for a few weeks now, which comes with its own challenges (some of us are pros with the ‘mute’ shortcut key). But whether you’re doing the same or performing essential duties to keep your community running, we’re grateful. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work so closely with you: the leaders who are adapting and guiding. If we only had one update from our hearts this month, that would be it. It isn’t easy, but we see you, and we care.

So - stretch your legs, drink some water, or take a walk. When you’re ready, we’ve outlined a few important updates on the latest resources and enhancements we’ve been working on to continue empowering you.

  • COVID-19 Report Templates + Resources
  • Bug Fixes & Stabilization 
  • Data Library Update

COVID-19 Report Templates + Resources

As we’ve communicated over the past couple of weeks, we’re devoting efforts to helping you communicate around COVID-19 and guide your decisions with data relevant to your community. We’ve spent a lot of time listening this month, and channeling our learnings into new templates for your use. We’re happy to highlight our new COVID-19: Keeping Our Community Healthy report template. 

This report is available for your communications strategy today in our templates library, optimized for any geography. In it, you’ll find best-practice messaging and tips on staying safe and local data maps to highlight areas of greatest needs.

We’re continuing to develop the best solutions and templates for you as we all move forward and learn together, and are already hard at work on new ideas. To stay up-to-date, visit our COVID-19 Resources center. We’ll be updating it throughout the following weeks to keep you informed,

Bug Fixes & Stabilization 

As we’ve been building and planning the above resources for you, we also spent some quality time fixing bugs in the platform to ensure your experience is always stable. You know that feeling when you see a bug in your home and lose sight of it? Yeah. We hate that too. We’re always keeping our eyes out and are proud to say the following bugs have been uhm...gently taken outside, away from the platform.

  • Fixed an issue keeping user layers from displaying the appropriate data within the map legend or sometimes not rendering at all.
  • Fixed an issue where the map legend would sometimes not render.
  • Fixed an issue where the primary system geography would be aggressively simplified due to an accompanying comparison geography’s size/complexity.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to update the report or dashboard geography if the page contained a correlation component.
  • Fixed an issue where some user layer characteristics were being duplicated after having been crosstabbed more than once.

Data Library Update

We’re always keeping our data library dust-free and healthy for your use, but this month we made a slight tweak to ensure browsing it is always an easy experience. When you visit our data library from the left-hand menu in the platform, you may notice we updated it’s appearance and functionality. Data filters are now displayed, along with available indicators grouped by dataset.

This update makes it a bit easier to browse our available system data, and matches the experience of adding data to your reports and dashboards.

That’s it for this roundup, but we’re hard at work continuing to improve our platform and solutions to match your evolving needs. If you’ve been using mySidewalk in your work recently, we’d love to see. Share and tag us @mysidewalkhq, or connect with us at [email protected]. Thank you for all you do. We look forward to moving forward, together.

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