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How To Nest a Dashboard Page
How To Nest a Dashboard Page

Learn how to nest a page within a dashboard's navigation

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A dashboard is a multi-page website created through the MySidewalk Platform, and serves as the centerpiece narrative to your data stories. Dashboards feature a navigation menu that allows users to click through the various included pages.

By default, all pages created in a dashboard are displayed at the main (parent) level in the navigation. However, users are able to nest pages underneath other pages to create a multi-level (parent/child) navigation experience.

Now, how do we nest a dashboard page?

  1. With your dashboard open in edit mode, go to the right panel and click on Pages. Hover over the page you wish to nest. Grab the "Drag and Drop to Reorder" button that appears on the far right of the bar displaying the page's name.

  2. While holding that button, drag the page slowly and hover it over the page you wish to nest it under.

  3. You will see a connection automatically form to represent the parent (top-level)/child page (sub-level) relationship. You will also see the dashboard navigation update to reflect the new relationship.

To undo the parent/child page relationship, grab the "Drag and Drop to Reorder" button on the child page and drag the page away from its parent within the right panel.

Pro Tip: This feature can be tricky and it might take a few tries to get the hang of it. If you run into any trouble, feel free to reach out to us with the chat feature!

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