Hello! From all of us at mySidewalk - I hope you're safe and well on this summer day. It's daunting for some of us to realize how quick the weeks go by while still feeling like one long day (I personally completely forgot about April entirely)--but the work of our customers and partners has kept us anchored with purpose: creating the best tools we can to share information and create change.

In that effort, we summarized what we've been up to in the last month below--focusing on new resources and data just for you as well as enhancements for a better overall experience with mySidewalk.

  • New Report Templates
  • Feature Highlights: Print-To-PDF & Custom Axes
  • Data Additions & Updates
  • Bug Fixes, Stabilization, and Enhancements

New Report Templates

We've created two new templates for you to use as-is or customize to your heart's content. This month, our templates help you understand and communicate the economic impacts of COVID-19 in your community, and give fire departments community data for more informed and effective response.

Covid-19 Economic Impact Template

1. COVID-19 Impact on Unemployment - View Example

  • This report is designed to provide information about the current state of unemployment in your area, which occupations were most impacted by COVID-19, and where populations may be most affected.
  • Learn more about this report here, or view our video walkthrough.

2. Standards of Cover Community Data Report - View Example

  • This report showcases key indicators that inform policies and procedures for fire departments to ensure a safe and effective response force for all residents
  • If you're a current fire department partner and would like more information, contact your Customer Development Manager or email [email protected]idewalk.com

Feature Highlights: Print-To-PDF

After releasing the ability to turn your published reports into printable PDF files, this month we expanded the ability to publicly published dashboards built with mySidewalk. We're all about the digital transformation, but we've provided this option for more flexibility in communicating and sharing information from mySidewalk in whatever context best fits your situation. You can read more about this feature here.

New Feature: Customize Your Axes

Representing data requires intentionality and clarity. To increase your flexibility in how you choose to show data and trends in data visualizations, we've added the ability to implement custom axes limits to time series, bar chart, and correlation components. Learn how to edit your axes here.

Data Additions & Updates

We've updated and added data to our library, covering labor, HIV, STDs, business patterns and more as outlined below.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) - View Data

  • Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS)
    June 2020 data for unemployment rate, employment, unemployment, and labor force now available in the Platform. Callout and time-series visualizations using the most recent month have automatically updated.

AIDSVu Emory University Rollins School of Public Health - View Data

  • This new data source provided 14 new characteristics types on the topic of HIV. Where possible, multiple years of data were loaded to allow viewing charge of the rates over time. All of the additions are rates/100,000 people.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - View Data

  • National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHHSTP), AtlasPlus STD tables
    These data tables provide 5 new characteristics types on the topic of STDs. All additions are rates/100,000 people and are available for multiple years.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - View Data

  • Economic Research Service (ERS)
    Food Environment Atlas
    We caught an error coming from this data source and have corrected values within the mySidewalk data library. The mySidewalk team has taken care of that work, reviewing and correcting the data to match the intended calculations. (We'll be sharing an informative look at how we corrected the issue soon!)

County Business Patterns (CBP) - View Data

  • 2018 data for the existing characteristic types are now available, as well as additional feature classes of congressional district, ZIP Code, and census tract

Bug Fixes, Stabilization, & Experience Enhancements

Additionally, we've been working to improve the overall platform experience, and have implemented the following tweaks:

  • Adjusted the layout of the layers menu for map components.
  • Moved the Publish Dashboard/Report button to the top of dashboards and reports
  • Fixed an issue where map labels did not update when the primary geography was changed
  • Updated the geography search box for drawing tools to always be expanded
  • Fixed an issue where creating Reports within a folder would bypass the Create Report screen
  • Updated the layer data options menu to be open by default for map and correlation components.
  • Fixed an issue where map labels did not update when the primary geography was changed

What's Been On Our Minds

mySidewalk Blog Page

We've been doing a lot of writing throughout July, too. This month, we had the opportunity to touch on some areas we feel are important, such as:

As always, you can follow along to all our thoughts, research, and tips over at https://blog.mysidewalk.com/.

Have feedback for us? Feel free to reach out using the chat feature in the platform, contacting your Customer Development Manager, or reaching out to myself or [email protected].

Have a great week!

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