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Getting Started: Add my data to mySidewalk
Getting Started: Add my data to mySidewalk

How to get started adding your own data to mySidewalk

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MySidewalk allows you to add your own data or your own custom geography to be used in visualizations alongside visualizations made with mySidewalk data. You can use data that is specific to your area or perhaps more detailed data than is available in the mySidewalk curated library. Like all data in mySidewalk, your data must be associated with a geography but there are several ways to make that happen.

To Upload Data

Click "Upload" in the navigation bar (icon of arrow pointing up)

Upload Layer:

Upload a set of your own data to mySidewalk to be used within visualizations. Using lat/long in a .csv or using features in a geoJSON (among other ways) you can upload your data already assigned to your custom geography.

Upload and Georeference:

Using the mySidewalk georeference tool, you can upload data using a .csv and assign it to pre-defined mySidewalk geographies. This is especially useful if you are unsure how to define your own custom boundary. Ensure your data is formatted properly, then upload using the georeference tool.

Look here for an example you can step through or check out this example for when you want to use time!

To Create a New Geography

Click "Geography" in the navigation bar (icon of polygon) to create a new geography/boundary/region.

Draw A Custom Boundary:

Draw a custom geography using the drawing tools to hand-draw a polygon or select from our pre-defined shapes.

Calculate A Travel Time Boundary:

Create a custom boundary by setting a point and using isochrones to create a travel-time-based radius around it for walking, cycling, or driving.

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