Create Geography: Draw

If you are looking to add a custom shape to you report or dashboard such as the boundaries of a park or a specific zone or neighborhood, you can utilize the Draw option. This will allow you to create a custom geography which will also have the benefit of pulling data from the mySidewalk data library by default. Draw includes tools like multi select, polygon, radius, line, and box. To learn more about drawing your own custom geography, click here.


If you are looking to create a custom geography from a spreadsheet, .csv, or from your own shapefiles, you can add these to mySidewalk through the Create Geography: Upload option. If you have data available in a file that could easily be dropped into GIS, you should have no trouble dragging and dropping it into the upload layer section. To learn more about what file types you can use to upload a layer, click here.

Calculate a Travel Time Boundary

Creating a boundary using travel times opens up a lot of possibilities within mySidewalk. The tool already allows you to apportion (read: visualize) data based on the custom boundaries you create, so this is another simple way you can create a boundary.

Travel times can be a valuable way to make a boundary and we are making that easier than ever. Use this tool to calculate:

  • Drive times
  • Cycling times, or
  • Walking times

from a single location (or point) on a map.

To learn more about calculating your own custom travel times boundary, click here.

Request Assistance

Having trouble? The mySidewalk team is here to help!

We all want geoprocessing to be as easy as dragging and dropping the data, but sometimes it isn’t that easy. Luckily for you, we have a team of people here who are experts in getting data into our app, contact your Customer Success Manager for more information!

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