If you are looking to use a custom set of data from a spreadsheet, .csv, or from your own shapefiles, you can add these to mySidewalk through the Add Layer option. If you have data available in a file that could easily be dropped into GIS, you should have no trouble dragging and dropping it into the upload layer section. If you are uploading a .csv, make sure it is associated with a geography or use the Upload without Geography tool, even if you only plan to use that data for a bar chart or time series. To learn more about what file types you can use to upload a layer, click here. To learn more about how to prepare your data for upload, click here.

1. Navigate to Layers and Add a Layer

Access the Layer library from the home page or the menu bar and Click Add Layer

2. Under Upload Data, choose with geography

Choose Upload Data With Geography and then bring in your layer file. It will take a few minutes to process but then your layer will be available to use. To learn about uploading and adding a geography, click here.

3. Manage and Use your layer

A successful upload will result in a layer being created and move you to the layer management page. On this page, you can update the name of your file, add tags, add a description and change the label of your file. It will also reveal if you have uploaded time in a way the system can recognize (this example does not have time included).

Pro Tip: choose a field to assign as the label - geography often makes the most sense

From here, you can click “New Report” to start building visualizations or choose Reports from the menu and choose an existing report. The Layer you built will be accessible from components if you choose “Your Data”.

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