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Keep Data Current in components
Keep Data Current in components

When you want current data to update automatically in your components

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mySidewalk has a couple different ways that data is managed and updated in the Data Library. Some data is kept current automatically (by a process we call stomp but it's essentially a replace) but some data is added on to over time. Examples of these include the Decennial Census and BLS Labor Statistics. For the data that 'adds' you have an option to keep the data that you originally chose or elect to "keep data current" inside the component.

  • After you choose data, click the Style tab.

  • Check the box next to "Keep Data Current"

At this point you will no longer be able to edit the data values you have selected. If you want to edit them, uncheck the box and re-build the data you want, then check the box again. This will ensure that your data will be updated as the Data Library is updated.

As we mentioned at the very beginning, some data will change regardless of your choice (because we replace it when new data becomes available). They are as follows (previous versions will not be available):

  • Area

  • BLS Months

  • Broadband

  • CDC WONDER pooled years.


  • Change over time between 2 ACS estimates


  • US Census ACS 5-year Estimates

  • Projected Census data

  • LODES 10-year change over time

  • NANDA Parks

  • School Proficiency Index

  • USPTO (patents)

You can always check the Data Catalog for more information about an individual data source. Click the 'i' icon next to data and then click "Click here for more info."

Not everyone has access to this feature. Talk to your CSM about what options are available to you.

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