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Create a Time Series Chart with two lines (variables) using the one geography
Create a Time Series Chart with two lines (variables) using the one geography

How to create a time series chart with two variables

Written by Sara DeLong
Updated over a week ago

Note: You will need to use user data or download mySidewalk system data, reformat it, and upload it into our system to create this chart.

Step 1

Collect your data or download data from the mySidewalk data library.

Step 2

Reformat the data into this two-variable time series template with your updated dates, labels, values, and lat and long, and then download the spreadsheet as a CSV.

  • The label column is where you put the name for each variable and what will appear in the legend.

  • The lat and long values don’t need to be precise because they will not appear in this time series chart.

  • Be sure to update the correct dates to match your data.

Step 3

  1. Open mySidewalk

  2. On the left hand side, click upload data

  3. Click Upload Geography (because the lat/long is in your data file)

  4. Click Choose File

  5. Select your downloaded CSV

  6. Click Open

Step 4 (**Important**)

  1. After the data successfully uploads, click on the file name.

  2. Under Alias, type the y-axis label next to the date. See below highlighted in yellow:

Step 5

Use the navigation in the upper left corner to return to the report/dashboard you will use to insert the time series chart.

Step 6

  1. Insert time series

  2. Select Your Data

  3. Click on your newly updated data file from the list of uploads

  4. You will get a time series chart with one line:

Step 7

  1. Click Manage Geographies on the right-hand side (your variables are acting as geographies for this chart)

  2. Click “Show as List”

  3. Select Variable 2 Name so both variables have red X’s next to them

  4. Click Finish Editing

  5. Now you should have two variables in your chart using one geography

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