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Suggested prompts for CoWrite
Suggested prompts for CoWrite
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The following is a bank of additional prompt ideas for CoWrite. Each one is designed to produce a particular type of data story. While it's not included in the examples, if you're aiming for shorter outputs, we recommend adding a length instruction to your prompts (e.g. "Keep it under 75 words.") If you'd like to come up with your own prompts, check out our guidance on how to get the best out of CoWrite.

Community Impact

  • Detail the societal implications of the data, focusing on long-term community effects.

  • Discuss potential future trends or consequences based on the current data. Avoid specifics, and keep the focus broad.

Stakeholder Perspective

  • Highlight the potential community consequences based on current data for public health officials.

    • Note: Substitute any other stakeholder audience for public health officials.

  • Succinctly explain this chart for [audience].

    • Examples:

      • Succinctly explain this chart for policymakers.

      • Succinctly explain this chart for funders working to end racial inequities.

Comparative Analysis

  • Highlight differences and similarities between the two data sets.

  • Explain the connection or relationship between [topic] and [topic].

    • Examples:

      • Explain the connection between access to vehicles and food insecurity

      • Explain the relationship between education and poor mental health

  • Explain [place/variable] compares to [other place/variable].

Key Differences

  • Emphasize variations across different regions.

  • Emphasize variations across different demographic groups.

  • Explain the disparities in [access/outcomes] this chart reveals.

  • Summarize how [variable] varies across [places].

    • Examples:

      • Summarize how reliance on food stamps varies across council districts.

      • Summarize how exposure to air pollution varies across neighborhoods.

Risk Factors

  • Describe what this chart suggests about the risk for [outcome].

    • Example:

      • Describe what this chart suggests about the risk for chronic diseases.

Policy Implications

  • Discuss potential policy changes or adjustments that the data might suggest without getting into the nitty-gritty of the data.

Economic Perspective

  • Frame the data in terms of its economic implications or impacts.

Environmental Context

  • Offer a perspective on how the data relates to environmental concerns or trends.

Health Implications

  • Analyze the potential health consequences or benefits suggested by the data, keeping the discussion broad.

Educational Context

  • Delve into how the data might influence or reflect educational trends and challenges.

Infrastructure Insights

  • Explore how the data relates to infrastructure needs or developments.

Innovation Opportunities

  • Discuss potential innovations or advancements that the data might inspire.

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