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Invite your teammates to Sidekick Beta
Invite your teammates to Sidekick Beta

Take advantage of 5 free Sidekick Beta licenses for your organization

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Every mySidewalk customer gets **5 free Sidekick Beta licenses** to share with teammates who are not already using mySidewalk tools - and now you can invite teammates directly from the app.

You can send invitations from three places:

  • Your Home page

  • The Sidekick chat interface (you might need open the left sidebar)

  • Your Organization page

Just click the button and enter the email and name of the teammate you're referring.

When you click "submit", an invitation will be sent to one of your teammates. It will include a link for your teammate to sign up and get instant access to Sidekick.

Note: Each invitation provides Sidekick access only through the duration of the beta. Referred users will not have access to other tools that may be included in your subscription, like Chart and Chart.


  • How does this impact my organization's current subscription?

    • Yours and your teammates' participation in the beta does not impact your current subscription. We’re excited to welcome you to the beta not only so you can test Sidekick and provide feedback, but also so you and your colleagues can get immediate value from what we hope will be a powerful tool for change.

  • What does Sidekick cost?

    • While in beta, we’re providing access to our customers at no additional cost. We have not yet defined a timeline for moving from beta to general availability. However, we expect Sidekick will be in beta for several months. After Sidekick moves out of beta, we expect to announce a low-cost, basic version and a tiered cost structure for more advanced versions.

  • What if we'd like more than 5 additional licenses?

    • Automatically, you have 1 Sidekick license per license included in your current subscription (e.g. 3 user licenses = 3 Sidekick licenses), plus an additional 5 licenses to distribute to colleagues as desired. If you'd like to expand the number of Sidekick beta licenses for your team, please talk to your customer success manager or email us at [email protected].

  • Who should I invite?

    • Good question! Sidekick was designed for local government and community leaders, policymakers, grant managers, data analysts and anyone else who care about places. Know of an overwhelmed or overworked program manager, information officer, or executive who could use quick access to trustworthy and reliable community data and demographics? They are perfect for Sidekick.

  • Can I invite people outside of my organization?

    • The 5 free licenses are for people who are employees of your organization. If you'd like to refer people outside of your organization, soon we'll have a site you can share with peers in other organizations so they can sign up for a free 90 day trial of Sidekick beta. In the meantime, reach out to your customer success manager to let them know you have someone in mind.

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