The mySidewalk Home Page features a fast, intuitive, and clutter-free navigational experience.  The home page consists of three helpful modules to help you navigate quickly to what you need:

  1. Navigation Bar

  2. Quick Start

  3. Recent Items

1. Navigation Bar:

The navigation bar will direct you to the primary features of mySidewalk and will be visible while navigating between all parts of the system.

1a. Collapse: the little arrow will allow you to expand or collapse the menu as needed. The icons will always remain so you can click on one at any time!

Quick Create: The blue plus button at the top allows you to to create a new report, folder, or map directly from the navigation pane.

Seek: Go to Seek when you want to find, explore and download mySidewalk data.

Data Library: this is where you can quickly access mySidewalk data to download.

Data: Access, browse, and manage your data all from the Data page. Use the different tabs to browse your data layers, your upload history, and browse Data Catalog (which shows the metadata supporting the mySidewalk Data Library).

Geography: Draw and save your own custom geography on a map, or create and use a new travel time boundary via the Geography page.

Upload: Upload your own geographic data, or use our uploading tool to georeference your data to mySidewalk pre-defined geographies. By georeferencing your data, you can map it alongside - or use it in correlations with - mySidewalk data.

Publisher: We've bundled up all of our publishing tools so that they're easily accessible with one click. This is where you will find your reports and dashboards.

Folders: you can use this button to create or browse through your Folders.

2. Quick Start:

The Quick Start menu in the middle of the home page allows you to create a new report, add a new folder, and draw or upload a layer right from the home page.

Click the respective button to jump directly to a fresh report, new folder, or our data and layer creation tools:

New Report - takes you to the steps needed to create a new report

Folders - takes you to the page where you can name and provide a description for your report.

Start Drawing - begin drawing new geographies using our drawing tools

Add Layer - allows you to add a new layer by drawing or uploading user data

3. Recent Items:

Below the Quick Start you’ll find your Recent Folders and Recent Items. These allow you to get right back to where you left off!

Folders makes your most recent project folders available with a single click. Clicking on the folder will open it so you can access the items in that folder.

Items shows reports, maps, and dashboards that have been modified in the past 30 days. Each item is labeled by name, when it was last updated, and what kind of item it is (report, map, or dashboard). To open the item, click on the item name.

Note: You can always return to the Home Page by clicking "mySidewalk" in the upper left

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