The mySidewalk Home Page features a fast, intuitive, and clutter-free navigational experience.  The home page consists of three helpful modules to help you navigate quickly to what you need:

  1. Menu
  2. Quick Start
  3. Recent Items

1. Menu: The menu will direct you to the primary features of mySidewalk and will be visible while navigating between all tools except layers.  

New allows you to to create a new report, folder, or add a data layer directly from the navigation pane.  

Recent Items highlights your recent folders, reports, maps, and dashboards.

Home takes you back to the home page.

Reports opens a page that gives you the option to start a blank report or choose a report template. The reports page also shows all the reports you have been working on. 

Dashboards takes you to a page where you can start a new dashboard or continue working on a dashboard you started previously.

Folders takes you to a page with the folders you have already created and gives you the option to start a new folder.   

Layers takes you to the page where your user layers can be found and organized, it is also the place where you can add a new user layer. 

Upload History will provide you with a searchable library of layers you have uploaded and a place where you can add a new layer.

The Data Library will be your main resource for identifying and/or researching any data sources provided by mySidewalk.

2. Quick Start:
The Quick Start menu allows you to create a new report, add a new folder, and draw or upload a layer right from the home page. 

Click the respective button to jump directly to a fresh report, new folder, or our data and layer creation tools:

New Report - takes you to the steps needed to create a new report

Folders - takes you to the page where you can name and provide a description for your report.

Start Drawing - begin drawing new geographies using our drawing tools

Add Data - allows you to add a new layer by drawing or uploading user data

3. Recent Items: Below the Quick Start you’ll find your Recent Folders and Recent Items. These allow you to jump right back where you left off quickly and easily.

Folders makes your most recent project folders available with a single click. Clicking on the folder will open it so you can access the items in that folder.

Items shows reports, maps, and dashboards that have been modified in the past 30 days.  Each item is labeled by name, when it was last updated, and what kind of item it is (report, map, or dashboard).  To open the item, click on the item name.

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