When creating a map, writing a report, or developing a plan, it is important to know where the information is coming from so you can make better data-based decisions.

To learn more about MySidewalk data:

  1. Navigate to the left side of the page and click "Data" (the icon of the four stacked discs)

  2. Find the tab on the top labeled Data Library

  3. Search for the information you have, or check to see if we have the information you are looking for in the data library

The information available here lists out where the data came from (with timeframes and links to the actual source) as well as how it is curated and enriched by the MySidewalk data scientists. Geographic availability, cross-cuts and other valuable information are listed out by source in the data library.

You can also view this information in any data selection screen by clicking the 'i' information bubble next to the source.

To show data sources for dashboard components:

When you add mySidewalk data to your map, chart, or graph, the source attribution will automatically be added as a citation for your data.

To turn this off or add more information, open the component and navigate to the edit panel. In most components you will find Style then a setting called Show source attribution. You can turn that off and/or add information into the text box labeled Footnote. In a map, navigate to the edit panel and select Settings under the Map Layers to find the Source Attribution setting and the Footnote text box.

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