The Acceptable Use Policy at mySidewalk dictates that a user must properly cite mySidewalk when deriving answers from use of the products. The official language (section 4 of the Acceptable Use Policy) is as follows:

You must use your best efforts to ensure elements of the Services are properly cited in derivative works created from your use of the Services. Citation must be a textual reference to (i) Company or a more accurate author for the element, (ii) the title or description of the document or the Services themselves, (iii) acknowledgement of Company as the host of the document or the Services themselves, and (iv) the URL the element of the Services at which the element was accessed. If the derived elements are figures or visualizations, the citation should be in the caption immediately following the figure. If the derived elements are textual, the citation should immediately follow in text. If the derived elements make up a significant portion of the derived work, the citations should appear as early as reasonable and as a reference list at the end of the derivative work.

We suggest using something similar to the following:

[Some data or visualization] provided by mySidewalk, Inc. [Seek/Chart/name of dashboard], [url at which it was accessed].

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