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Customize the Link (URL) to your Dashboard
Customize the Link (URL) to your Dashboard

Learn how to customize the URL for your dashboard, making it more user friendly and unique to your organization.

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mySidewalk dashboards are hosted by, but you still have the opportunity to customize elements of the dashboard's URL. Doing so allows you to personalize the experience for your residents, and helps you brand the dashboard to your community.ย 

All mySidewalk dashboards will contain the main extension,, but you have the ability to customize the extension that follows the .com/.
What part of my URL can I change?

If you are customizing a dashboard url, the name of the dashboard will come after the .com/. So, it would look like this:

Your subsequent pages will all follow this extension. For example:

How do I change my URLs?
To change your dashboard URL, select your dashboard and the click Share on the right sidebar. Here you can change your URL under Dashboard URL.

To change your page URL select your page and go to Page Settings and change the URL under Page URL.

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