Building out your layer library and customizing your data is an essential part of making a dashboard that works for your community. The mySidewalk Platform allows you to upload user layers or draw new layers. You can also request assistance at any time. Once you have added a user layer, you can go into the layer library and tag, rename, or add descriptions to your layers to help keep your layers organized.  

Before the layers page is useful to you, you need to add some user layers to it. User layers can be drawn in the platform, uploaded from your computer, or sent to our team to be put in the added through the back end. For more information on adding your team's data to the mySidewalk, click here.

To access the layer library, look at the menu on the left side of the platform. From there click Layers. This brings you to the user layer library. Here you can view custom layers by selecting them and you can rename, tag, delete, or download them.

The user layer library is where all the custom data you make or upload to mySidewalk will be located. The user layer library provides you with the space to develop a tool similar to the mySidewalk Data Library for your custom data.

Getting the Most Out of Your Layer Library Tools:

  • Using the menu on the left you can filter your user layers by tags, geometry, and data type.
  • The Search bar at the top of the page can be used to search for different layers.
  • Manage Tags can be used to add new tags to your library. These tags can then be applied to layers for easier searching or to help identify groups of layers that go together.
  • Add Layer will bring you to a new page where you can add a new layer by drawing, uploading, or requesting assistance.

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