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Create a Time Series (a line graph plotted over time)
Create a Time Series (a line graph plotted over time)

Learn how to make a time series with both mySidewalk data and your custom user data.

Written by Aliyah Hunter
Updated over a week ago

A time series chart allows you to show a change in data over time.

Watch the video below, or scroll down for written step-by-step instructions.

To add one to your report, click the Time Series icon and choose either mySidewalk Data or Your Data.

Use the search option to find a variable. Click the drop down arrow and add data using the blue plus button.

Using the menu on the right, you can edit your time series. Under the Data tab, you can manage the axes labels and adjust the time period being displayed by using the eye icon to hide years. You can also change the variable if needed with the Change Data button.

You can change or add geographies for comparisons under the Geography tab by selecting Add Geography. Use the search option to find other geographies and simply click to add them to your time series.

Use the pencil icon to edit, the trashcan icon to delete, and the double bar icon to rearrange the order in the menu.

The Style tab allows you to change the color of the data or add a title, footnote, or accessibility description. You are also able to set the minimum and maximum y-axis values for your chart from this screen. This adds to the effect and the usefulness of your time series chart.

For more on how to make a time series, check out the video below:

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