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Add a Static Line

Learn how to track performance on key indicators with bar chart and time series static lines to show goals, thresholds, averages, and more.

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One of the main objectives of sharing data visualizations with your residents and stakeholders is to show the progress and performance of key city initiatives. 

With the static line feature in the mySidewalk platform you can easily add goal lines to your visualizations to display where you are trying to reach and what you have achieved. 

How to add static lines to your visualizations:

  1. Create a Bar Chart or Time Series using either your custom uploaded user data or one of mySidewalk’s over 2,000 preloaded datasets.

  2. While editing your chart, select the Style tab.

  3. Select the checkbox at the very bottom of the edit panel labeled Add Static Line (it will be below the Title and Footnote text boxes). This will add a line to your chart and will open more options to customize your static line.

  4. You can add more than one static line to your chart by selecting the Add New Static Line button.

To customize your static line:

  1. Under Value input the numeric value of your goal threshold.

  2. Under Color select a color from your organization’s color palette to display your goal line as.

  3. Under Text, input the label you would like your goal line to appear as in the chart legend. 

  4. To save your changes, select the blue Done button in the bottom-center of the page.

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