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Create a Pie Chart

Learn how to build a pie chart and when to use a different chart type.

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Pie Charts are used to illustrate parts of a whole. It shows you how much each category contributes to the total.

Watch the video below or scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

To add one to your report, click the Pie icon and choose either mySidewalk Data or Your Data.

Use the search to find data to visualize. You can choose the data you want for your chart using the blue plus button.

For best results, select data with no more than 5 categories; otherwise, use a bar chart.

! Pro tip: use "Always show expanded results" to see all data included in a group of data without having to click a drop-down arrow to expand.

Using the edit panel on the right, you can make changes to your pie chart. Under the Data tab, you can manage the label and use the eye icon to remove any unnecessary data. You can also click Change Data to swap out the data used in the chart.

Pie charts can use no more than one geography. You can change the geography under the Geography tab by clicking on the existing region. Use the search option to find your preferred geography, then click it to switch.

The Style tab allows you to change the color of the pie slices. You can also edit the title, footnote, or accessibility description.

Then you'll have a finished pie chart like the below!

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