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Data Visualization Limitations in Reports
Data Visualization Limitations in Reports

Reports can include up to 15 data visualizations on a page

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Previously, Chart users could generate Reports unconstrained by length. With this update, newly created Reports are limited to 15 data visualizations per page. However, this change will not impact the number of content-driven components that can be added to a Report (for example, text or image elements).

We have no immediate plans to limit Dashboard page length in a similar fashion.

Why limit report length?

The ability to add an unlimited number of data visualizations to Reports is problematic, namely for the following reasons:

  • Data visualization-heavy reports lead to performance issues.

    When the number of data visualizations (in particular, Maps) in a Report exceeds about 15, customers can experience issues such as long load times (up to multiple minutes) or the inability of a Report to load altogether.

  • Lengthy Reports are difficult for your target audience to navigate and consume. Readers can feel lost in a lengthy, visualization-heavy Report. They struggle to quickly return to key points of interest or identify core themes. Navigating these Reports can be fatiguing. In other words, the usability of a data visualization-heavy Report is low.

  • The Report format lends itself to briefer, more targeted data storytelling.

    Reports consist of a single page that contains no navigational elements (like a menu), and they were designed to cover one or two topics at maximum. We developed Dashboards as a tool for long-format data storytelling. Recently, we made it possible for any customer to use Dashboards to tell these more complex stories.

Types of visualizations that are affected by this limit

  • Maps

  • Callouts

  • Tables

  • Bar Charts

  • Pie Charts

  • Time Series

  • Correlations

  • Progress Trackers

  • Goals

  • Custom Charts (if available) are all included in the new Report limit.

Types of components that are not affected by this limit

Several Content-type components are not included in this limit. The following components can be added to a Report without limitations:

  • Text

  • Images

  • Buttons

  • Dividers

  • Spacers

  • Promo Cards

What if I need to tell a longer, more comprehensive story?

We recently made it possible for all of our customers to tell their own long-format, multi-page stories using Dashboards. We suggest the use of Dashboards for longer data storytelling because you can allocate different topics to their own pages within a Dashboard and easily navigate these pages using a menu.

If you’re interested in getting started with Dashboards, please contact your Success Manager.


  • What happens to Reports that I created before this limitation, if they include more than 15 data visualizations?

    Your existing reports are exempt from this new limitation. If you’ve created a Report prior to the implementation of this new restriction that is longer than 15 data visualizations, it will not be impacted. Note: This change took place on May 11, 2023. You should be able to duplicate this Report without issue, as well. If you run into any issues with this, please contact us.

  • How is the use of Collections impacted in Reports?

    The number of data visualizations included in a Collection will be counted towards the limit of 15. For example, if you’ve included two data visualizations in a Collection, then you would have the ability to create 13 more data visualizations in that Report before reaching the limit.

  • Why aren’t Dashboard pages going to be limited, as well?

    At this time, we have no plans to limit Dashboard length. This is namely because we have not seen our customers regularly create Dashboards with long, data visualization-heavy pages (likely because they can create multiple pages within a Dashboard).

  • What if I’m creating a Report from a Dashboard that has more than 15 data visualizations on a page?

    If you’re creating a new Report from a Dashboard page that exceeds the visualization limitation, your Report will include the first 15 data visualizations only. You will also receive a notification upon creation that your new Report exceeded the limitation. One workaround is to use two Report pages to capture all content elements within your Dashboard page.

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