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How To: Download data and visualizations from a dashboard or report
How To: Download data and visualizations from a dashboard or report

Learn how to download and save the data behind the visualizations you see in the mySidewalk Platform for personal use or to share.

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Get data and visuals from published dashboards or reports

Enable This Feature

From, navigate to the dashboard or report you want to enable data downloads. Once you have your dashboard or report open, you’ll open the share settings on the right hand side of the screen.

Check the box next to “Allow download of data”. This will allow visitors to your public or privately shared dashboard to download the data and visualizations.

Export Data

On published dashboards and reports, once the feature is enabled, viewers can download any of the displayed data as a .csv data set (or geoJSON if it’s a map) by clicking on a link that looks like a tiny graph in the top right corner of the data display.

This cute little icon is actually really powerful, as it will allow you to download the information in the display and use it in your own reports or analysis. Below is a short clip of the download process.

Exporting Visualizations

Exporting visualizations as a PNG (an image file) will enable you to email it, share it on social media, include it in presentations and more.

Find that same icon next to the visualization you want to export and click it, then click “export as png” or “export as svg”. For more information on the difference between those, check out our download formats article.

Depending on the type of visualization, there may be several options to download it. You may have the choice between a small, medium, and large PNG.

Your download should start automatically. If it doesn’t, check that your pop-up blocker enables pop-ups from your page.

Note: This is limited to maps, charts and graphs (i.e. map, pie chart, time series, bar graph and correlation).

Pro Tip: Embedding your map in another place is possible for some customers, please reach out to your CSM or through the chat for more instruction!

How to download from non-published dashboards or reports

Within the edit features of mySidewalk, you can also download the data (regardless of it’s published status). Click that export icon

from the hover feature on a particular component to download the data. In this state you can also select “export CSV” which allows you to choose to download the data from multiple components on the page.

Note: when you use the "Export CSV" feature, it will not include any visuals that are inside collections. You can export those individually by editing the collection and using the export feature on the individual component or by using the "Allow download of data" feature and exporting individually from the Preview.

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