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Let's Start! Build a report
Let's Start! Build a report

Reports are the basis of creating, storing and sharing data visualizations in mySidewalk, let's get started!

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To begin, log into your account at and click New Report. Keep this page open in a different tab, though - you'll be clicking back-and-forth to learn and practice.

Now that you're in a Report:

1. Click the blue plus button to select a component.

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What's a component?

Components are the building blocks of reports and dashboards. A report or page in a dashboard might include just a single component, like a map, or a handful of components as part of a complete analysis, like on digital inclusion.

The various component types include:

πŸ“Š Data Visualization Components

  • Map

  • Callout

  • Table

  • Bar Chart

  • Pie Chart

  • Time Series

  • Correlation

  • Progress Tracker

  • Goal Tracker

  • Custom Charts

πŸ“ Content Components

  • Text - Rich text editor

  • Image - .gif, .png, .jpeg

  • Button and Promo Cards - link to another internal or external page

  • Divider and Spacer - add white space between components

  • Collection - create a drop-down or carousel of multiple screens of data

2. Click on a component icon to create that component.

Let's start with a map, so click the map icon.

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3. Press play on the video below and follow the steps to create a map.

Length: 5:20

Pro Tip: When searching for data if you keep getting messages telling you that data is "unavailable" try picking a different geography (like county instead of zip code) to tell your story better.

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