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Checking Sidekick's work

Use the "Show work" feature to check Sidekick's accuracy

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The "Show work" feature allows users to view the data searched for and accessed, the data retrieved, and the steps Sidekick took to arrive at its conclusions.

Even though Sidekick exclusively gets data from mySidewalk's data library, depending on the wording of the query (e.g., it might be too general) or other factors, it might not always pull the best data for your request. For this reason, it is always important to review how Sidekick arrived at its responses.

Why review Sidekick's process

  • Accuracy Check

    • Reviewing Sidekick's methodology helps confirm the correctness of its process and the source of the data it used. You can always further validate the results by opening the same data in a Seek workspace.

  • Credibility

    • Transparency in Sidekick's process enhances trust in the results provided.

  • Collaboration

    • When reviewing Sidekick's work, you may detect errors or opportunities for it to have performed better searches and selected better data. You can use this information to refine your prompt or ask follow-up questions.

How to use the "Show work" feature

Simply query Sidekick, then use the "Show work" option (which is open by default) to see the detailed methodology behind Sidekick's response. This level of visibility into Sidekick's process is crucial, especially when the data is used for decision-making.

A snapshot of the Show Work feature.

If you've received a response that doesn't meet expectations, always be sure to "thumbs down" that response so that we can continue to improve Sidekick.

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