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Saving, editing, and publishing Sidekick visualizations
Saving, editing, and publishing Sidekick visualizations

Create a library of visualizations, and send visualizations to a report or dashboard page

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After Sidekick generates a visualization, you can save it to your visualizations library, so that you can return to it at any time and/or send it to a report or dashboard page for easy editing and publishing. This article shows you how.

1. After Sidekick has generated a visualization, click the located in the bottom-right to open up the action menu, and click Save.

Note: Currently, this feature works for maps, bar charts, and callouts.

Ranking and pie charts cannot yet be saved.

After you save a visualization, you have the option to view it or continue your conversation. The visualization will be available in your visualizations library.

​3. Open your library of saved visualizations via the left sidebar (click the hamburger menu in the upper-left if the sidebar is closed) and click Your Visualizations.

4. Open a visualization by clicking the visualization card. From here, you can take several actions, including downloading a png, svg, and csv. You can also send a visualization to a report or dashboard page.

You can also delete your visualization; just know this is a permanent action. Deleted visualizations cannot be recovered.

5. Send a visualization to report or dashboard page for editing and/or publishing. Once a visualization is in a report or dashboard page, you can edit and publish it the same way you would a visualization that you started in Chart.

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