What is mySidewalk?

Learn what mySidewalk can do for your community and what makes us different from other city intelligence solutions.

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Healthy, thriving communities start with changemakers like you. mySidewalk gives you the tools and insights you need to build a better world with data.

Through our suite of products, we provide you with you an opportunity to find and understand data about your community and then use our powerful visualization tools to tell the story of your community. The combination of relevant data, powerful visuals and key insights provided by our subject matter experts, help to make your city or agency smarter about the way you use data. 

Our mission is to help organizations improve & innovate, and we do that by helping you track, analyze and communicate progress on your goals and metrics. Our products help you to simplify your workflow by providing you with powerful geospatial analytics that are simple, beautiful and straightforward. We provide your stakeholders and the public with the most complete, clear, and real-time understanding of your communities so you can improve and innovate together. Your data has a story to tell - we help you find that story and share it.

Ready to learn more? Explore our capabilities in greater detail: 

  • Getting Started; Data to unlock insights: mySidewalk data was developed as a better way for change-makers to get the information they need quicker and easier, without cause for headache and confusion.

  • Access a robust data library: Our data library affords you access to over 2,000 pre-loaded datasets. 

  • Develop custom, interactive maps: Our platform allows for you to create maps with our datasets or to upload your own, and provides you with the tools for easy, geospatial analysis, even for someone with no experience.

  • Upload local data: Our data library only tells part of the story - with our platform you can upload your own data and tell the story unique to your community.

  • Create custom geography: Make a shape file for specific study areas and let the mySidewalk data display to your custom boundary. 

  • Create custom reports: Develop custom reports for your community or specific geography, highlighting issues of public health, safety, economic development and more. 

  • Create data dashboards: We build in depth dashboards for your community, guiding you through the data needed to tell your story—from public health to economic development. Ready to take the reins? You can also build your own DIY dashboards, we’ll show you how and provide support along the way!

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