Starting here is the first step! This knowledge base will help answer almost all your data, report, dashboard, and design questions. We even have articles that walk you through data storytelling. 

Learning to use mySidewalk is fairly intuitive, but we know that some of the processes to create a comprehensive report or dashboard can get a bit more detailed. Taking a navigation tour of our platform is a great way to get started learning about dashboards, reports, folders, layers, and data. 

And when you're ready to dive in, join us for our mySidewalk 101 Webinars. We hold these every week (Tuesdays at 10AM CST, and Thursday at 2:00PM CST) and we'd love to see you there! Sign up here. 

Ready to learn more? Explore our knowledge base in greater detail:
Build and share a mySidewalk report
Draw a layer using the mySidewalk tool
Update a mySidewalk dashboard
Learn about mySidewalk data

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