When you create a mySidewalk Dashboard it will have a preselected default geography. This will be the automatic geographic boundary set for any new maps or charts you add to your report. You can always adjust the geographies of individual maps or charts if needed, but the default will be your page’s go-to. 

Default geographies can be both mySidewalk geographies and custom geographies.

You can have more than one default geography in your dashboard. 

To change your default geography for a report or dashboard, use the edit panel on the right side of the page and click Add Geography. Use the search option to find the geography you wish to add and click on it. You'll see it populate under Selected Geographies.

Use the pencil icon to edit, the trashcan icon to delete, and the double bar icon to rearrange the order in the menu. 

Pro-Tip: Usually we recommend having your most specific geography at the top of your list. If you are displaying three different geographies for your data, the smallest area should be first to ensure it is first in a data visualization. 

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