Every graph, image, title, and chart in your reports or dashboards has a unique link associated with it. 

If you want to link someone to a specific part element, all you need to do is hover your mouse over the top right side of the data chart or text and a link icon will appear. You can then copy this link into anything you need, including another place in your report or dashboard. When users click this link, they will be taken to the exact data point on the page you intended to take them to.

Steps to find and copy link:

  • Find visualization or element that you want to share

  • Hover on it until you see the 'link' icon appear in the upper right

  • Right-click on the link and choose "Copy Link Address"

  • Paste where ever you want to share (email to a friend, social media, website, etc.)

Below is a video showing this process in action. 

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