A scatter plot or correlation is a data display that shows the association between two different variables. To add one to your report, click the Correlation icon and choose either mySidewalk Data or Your Data.

You will be asked to select a geography and a level of granularity for your correlation. Use the search option to find a geography and select one of the options under Display Geography by

In this example, the chart will show the median household income and median home value for each census tract within the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The default variables that come up are Median Household Income and Median Home Value. You can change the X and Y variables separately by clicking Change Data in the menu on the right.

Use the search option to find variables. Click the drop down arrow and add data using the blue plus button.

You can also change the geography by clicking Selected Layer at the top of the menu.

In the Data tab, you can change the data, or edit the label and units under More Options. The blue up and down arrows allow you to switch the axes.

The Style tab allows you to change the colors and add a title, footnote, or accessibility description. You are also able to set the minimum and maximum values for each of the axes of your scatter plot from this screen. This adds to the effect and the usefulness of your Correlation.

A footnote will be automatically generated to state the strength of the correlation between your two variables and provide a brief explanation of what the correlation results mean.

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