Create a Goal Tracker

Learn how to make a goal tracker with your custom user data.

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Goal trackers are perfect for keeping your organization accountable. To add one to your report or dashboard, click the blue plus sign where you want your tracker to be added to the page, and then click the Goal icon.

The goal tracker is completely customizable. The only required fields in the Setup tab are the metric of the goal itself, and the goal value. You can keep or remove the current feature by deleting the values under Current Value.

While goal values are often numbers, you can also include text to indicate something has been finished such as stating "Plan Created" in the Goal Value field. 

Change the colors of your goal tracker, if you like, in the Style tab. There, you can also check the Show Goal Status box to provide up-to-date information about the progress you’re making toward your goal. Use the dropdown menu to select the goal’s status, and change the color of the status using the color picker next to Status Bar

If you would like to include some more context for the goal, you can either put it in the footnote or, after saving the goal, insert a new text box on the dashboard page.

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