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How To Create a Custom Color Palette
How To Create a Custom Color Palette

Learn how to create a custom color group for your dashboard design.

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Your mySidewalk Dashboard should reflect the ideals and identity of your organization and community. One easy way to make your dashboard look and feel like a a part of your organization is to create a custom color palette. We recommend taking colors from your website to help visually display the relationship between your organization and the dashboard.

To create a custom color palette in the mySidewalk Platform, start by navigating to the edit panel in your dashboard or report. From there, click the defaults tab. This will give you several options, including a dropdown menu under the title colors. At the bottom of the dropdown menu there will be a button labeled manage color groups. Clicking this will open a new screen where you can edit an existing color palette or you can go to new color group to make a new one. From here you can select up to 6 different colors to create your organization's custom color palette. Click save then finish managing color groups

Feel free to check out the Accessibility Color Palette Generator. Which is an accessibility tool that we created to help you ensure compliance with WCAG AA guidelines. You can read more about our 'ColorViz" tool here!

You can now navigate back to the color dropdown option in the edit panel and select your custom color palette. This will be the default color scheme for anything you add to your dashboard with the first color being the most dominant. You can also change the headline and link colors by clicking the dropdown menus next to headline color and link color

Typically we recommend that your dashboard sticks to the 6 colors in your custom color palette, but if you would like to use additional colors you are more than welcome to make changes to individual data visualization's colors as you add them to your dashboard. 

Read to learn more? Check out our dashboard style guide

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