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Password Protect Your Dashboard or Report
Password Protect Your Dashboard or Report

Learn how to use password protection to privately publish a report or dashboard.

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Note: This feature is for sharing reports or dashboards with individuals who do not have access to your organization’s mySidewalk account. Today, any individual with access to the mySidewalk platform can view, edit, and share any report or dashboard in your organization's account.

Sometimes you’ll want to share a report or dashboard securely so the item cannot be accessed without authorization. If you made your report just for your department or organization, we give you the option to password protect it by publishing it privately.   

When you share a password-protected report or dashboard, the individual who opens the item’s link in their browser will be prompted for the password you have set. The viewer must enter the password and click submit to access and view the item.

To assign a password to your report or dashboard:

  1. Open the dashboard or report in Edit mode.

  2. Navigate to the edit panel and click share, then scroll down to the Publish Settings on the right hand of the screen in the edit panel. Then select Published - Private from the dropdown menu.

  3. This will bring up a page prompting you to set your password. Simply type in the password you desire, and click Submit. 

  4. From here, share the report link and password with intended viewers. 

To remove or change a password in your report or dashboard:

  1. Click the Publish drop-down menu and select Not Published.  This un-publishes your item and removes the currently set password.

  2. To re-publish your item for public access without a password, simply select Published - Public from the drop down menu. 

  3. To re-publish your item privately with a new password, select Published - Private and enter the new password.

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