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Make a Button

Learn how to make a button in the mySidewalk Platform.

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Adding a button to your dashboard allows you to link your dashboard to other places on the internet including your organization's website, a recently finished plan, or another data resources. The button visualization is a simple but effective way to present a link in a more graphically compelling way than simply adding it to text. Links are more likely to be noticed and used in buttons that call attention to them compared to when they are in plain text.  

Watch the video below starting from 1:09 or scroll down for more.

To add a button, click the Button icon in the component menu.

Much like adding text, your button will pop up with options to edit above the default button visualization. The default text is "Click Here," but you're welcome to change it to say anything you want by clicking the Text tool. Button text is limited to 25 characters and the button feature automatically capitalizes each word for you in the visualization.  

You also have the option to change the size of your button and make it small, medium, or large. The default is medium.

To link your button, click the Link tool. This will give you a place to paste your link and give you the option for where the link should open. Choose New Window if you want your link to open a new tab in your browser. Choose Same Window if you want your link to take people from your dashboard to your link in the same tab. 

To change the alignment of your button click Align. With this tool you can move your button to the right, center, or left of the page. The text will always be centered in the button. 

Like any component, you can also duplicate your button and delete it. 

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