Saved Searches in mySidewalk provide a fast way back to data you care about so you can keep working on your project or share your work with a teammate.

Saved Searches work like mySidewalk Guides, but you choose what to include.

Once created, data can be added all at once, or by adding individual indicators from while browsing.

Important Notes

  • Shared in Organization. Saved Searches are automatically shared between all members of an organization.

  • No Edit / Delete. With the initial release, you are not able to edit or delete existing Saved Searches, only create them.

  • Only in Seek. Saved Searches are only available in Seek but you can always find that same data anywhere in mySidewalk.

Creating a Saved Search

  1. Click on the "Data" button in the right-hand pane of Seek

  2. Select & customize your data with specific labels, units or formats, then click on the new "Create Saved Search" button in the lower right.

  3. Give the Saved Search a title and (optionally) a description.

  4. Done! You and your teammates can now find this new saved search in the "Saved Searches" tab.

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