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Getting started

  • How do I get access to Sidekick?

    • If you are interested in accessing Sidekick but have yet to receive an invitation, please reach out to your customer relationship manager.

    • If you've received an invitation and need information on how to navigate to Sidekick, go here.

  • Is there a user guide or tutorial available for new users?

  • Who should I contact for help if I need it?

    • If you have a customer relationship manager, please reach out to them for questions. If you do not have a customer relationship manager or have other questions, we welcome all inquiries to [email protected].

Cost, subscriptions, and licensing

  • Does this impact our current subscription?

    • If you’re a mySidewalk customer, participation in the Limited Beta does not impact your current subscription. We’re inviting you to get early access because we value our relationship and your perspective.

  • What’s the cost now and later?

    • While in beta, we’re providing access to our customers at no additional cost. We have not yet defined a timeline for moving from beta. However, we expect Sidekick will be in beta for at least the first half of 2024.

    • After Sidekick moves out of beta, we expect to announce a low-cost, basic product version and a tiered cost structure for more advanced versions.

  • How many licenses do we get?

    • At this time, access to the beta is by invitation only. We anticipate opening access to our customer base soon.

  • Can I invite my colleagues?

    • We’d love to hear if you have teammates who would be interested, so please get in touch with your customer relationship manager with referrals.

Product usage and features

  • How does this software differ from similar products in the market?

    • mySidewalk is the only company offering an AI-powered data assistant that’s fully integrated with a community data library of 4 billion data values from 5,000 datasets sourced from 50+ sources with the mission to amplify Changemaker impact. As we continue to develop Sidekick, we aim to help more people who need direct access to reliable and relevant data for the many consequential daily decisions they make.

  • Is Sidekick going to work with mySidewalk’s other products?

    • Yes, in time. In addition to creating a standalone version of Sidekick, it will also integrate in various ways with our other products. Our long-term goal is to build AI-powered workflows that support and elevate your process no matter what stage or product you’re in.

  • What's on Sidekick's roadmap?

    • You can see what we’re planning in the short and medium term here. Again, you influence our roadmap! So, if you have an idea and it’s not on the roadmap, we’d love to hear about it in our feature request forum, where you can submit new ideas or upvote existing ones or via the Sidekick feedback form.

Data and AI Ethics

  • How is my data being used?

    • mySidewalk stores all Sidekick messages. We use this data to assess Sidekick’s overall performance and iterate on features to improve results.

    • As of March 1st, 2023, OpenAI, the vendor mySidewalk uses for LLM integration, retains user data for 30 days but does not data sent via the API to improve their models. Here’s their data usage policy.

  • What’s mySidewalk’s approach to building responsibly with AI?

    • mySidewalk believes that anyone who cares about a place should be able to use data to create positive change. We also believe that the thoughtful application of AI to community data makes this possible. You can read our AI principles in full here or on our website. If you'd like to discuss further, please get in touch with your customer representative or email us at [email protected].

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