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FAQ: why can I not change the data in my chart?
FAQ: why can I not change the data in my chart?

Why does the data tab appear dithered or unclickable inside a Press Board

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There may be times when you go to edit a visualization inside a Press Board and you find that the Data tab is dithered. That only means that you need to contact your CSM if you want to make a change to this component.

That tab is dithered because some custom code was written for you to make the component look the way it looks, this can be for many reasons from the year that is shown to the way it is normalized and many others. We cannot change those components on the front end because it is too complex for that edit panel to handle, so we take away the ability to edit it.

There are several other things that can be edited from this view like the colors, the title of the component or the geography that is being referenced. You can find those under the Geo and Style tabs so check out the things you can change within that edit panel.

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