Add Text to a Report or Dashboard

Learn how to add text box so you can write your data-driven story.

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When you create a new report in the mySidewalk Platform, you will start with a blank slate. The page will look empty with a sample chart and title faded to the back. There will also be a little blue plus sign in the top left corner of the report that is expanded to show the options you have to start adding content and components to your report. 

Click this little blue plus sign to add content such as text, images, promo cards, dividers, spacers, and collections. You can also use it to add data visualizations including maps, callouts, tables, data tables, bar charts, pie charts, time series, correlations, progress trackers, goals, and custom charts. 

If using a report template, click the edit button next to the component in order to customize it with your own data.

Your dashboard or report is going to be focused on the data, but the content elements help to create the narrative around your data and provide format and structure to the visual story of your data.

You can add text, images, and other components to help enhance and explain your data.

The Text option allows you to add text, including both body and title text.

Watch the video below starting from 0:50 or scroll down for more.

Our text editor includes many word processing features, such as alignment, bulleted lists, hyperlinks, and bold/italics. The heading options allow you to adjust the size of the text.

To remove a text format, simply click the icon again.

Font Information

The font used in Reports and Dashboards is "Gotham," a sans-serif font chosen for its readability. This font is widely available online for free.


To help our clients maintain WCAG 2.0 compliance (the standard that courts have generally accepted as the minimum standard for ADA and other accessibility regulation) we have some limitations in our text components. Limitations to colors, text alignment (like justification) and fonts are in place to encourage meeting these standards when you publish. Read our accessibility statement here. Review our Accessibility Color Palette Generator here.

Other Components

To add an image, click our Image icon then Choose File to upload your image. Through this screen you can also add a caption to your image.

The Divider and Spacer options allow you to break up components in your report and provide more visual hierarchy and organization. 

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